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2008 / Assessment tool for project managers

International banking organization

Translation of an assessment tool. This English translation enabled the customer to use the assessment program for their international project managers.

2007 / BiSL glossary (Dutch to English)

Van Haren publishing

The glossary enabled the translation of ISBN (13) 9789087530426; “BiSL A Framework for Business Information Management”.

003 / Apollo 13 ITSM game


This Dutch translation of the Apollo 13 game enabled the customer to develop their Dutch market.






2009 / International standards book

Van Haren Publishing/Getronics

Publication van ISBN 9789087535476; “Wegwijzer in Open Standaarden”.

2007 / TOGAF publication

The Open Group/Getronics

Editor of publication ISBN (13) 9789087530808; “TOGAFTM The Open Group Architecture Framework – A Management Guide”. Van Haren publishing

2007 / Linguistic editing board

Van Haren publishing

Publication of ISBN (13) 9789087530426; “BiSL A Framework for Business Information Management”.

2004 / International review team for the ITIL library


Publication of ISBN 0113308949  and ISBN 0113309694; “ITIL- The Business perspective vol.1&2”

2003 / Microsoft Operations Framework

Microsoft/ Van Haren Publishing.

Content and linguistic editing of publication ISBN 9077212108; “MOF a pocket guide”.


Copy Writing




2007 / TOGAF publication

The Open Group/Getronics

Publication of ISBN(13) 9789087530808; “TOGAFTM The Open Group Architecture Framework – A Management Guide”

2007 / ITIL publication

Van Haren Publishing

Publication of ISBN 9789087530228; “Release and Control for IT Service Management”.

2000 / Dutch ITIL publication

Ten Hagen Stam/PinkRoccade

Publication of ISBN 9044001450; “ITIL Compact - Ondersteuning van IT diensten”.

2000 / ITIL publication

OGC/The Stationary Office

Publication of ISBN 0113300158; “ITIL-Service Support”


Education (key international projects)




1996-1999 / ITIL education program

Czech national telecom

Development/localization & delivery of ITIL courses on Foundation and practitioner level

1999 / First ever ITIL managers level courses in Asia

Open courses with Canadian and Australian partners

Delivery of ITIL managers level courses in Singapore

2000-2004 / MOF development & trainer education

2003-2006 / Introducing ITSM in Russia

Microsoft corporation


Partners: IT-Expert, Cleverics, CROC

Supporting services for the Microsoft Operations Framework. Development of the education and certification program and delivery of trainer courses.

Introduction of ITIL, MOF in the Russian Republic. Localizing. Developing. Training.

2003-2008 / setting up of ITIL training in Germany

German partners Exagon & Infora

Educational Consultancy. Localization and development of courses. Setting up an educational unit. Accreditation support. Train the trainer.

2007-2009 / The Open group TOGAF 9 development

The Open Group

Educational Consultancy. Design of a new certification and accreditation program. Chair/vice chair of the certification and localization committees.